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The default view of the APEX:E3 platform is the screener page. This feature allows a user to filter trading views according to assets, exchanges, volume and price. In addition, you can sort each table column, providing further customisable views.

This feature provides a centralised view of over 5000 Digital Asset markets that can be filtered and sorted to find the top performing liquid markets with a few clicks. Active Traders look for markets with relatively high liquidity and volatility so they can enter and exit with minimal slippage.


With the APEX:E3 screener, traders can filter markets by

  • Exchange (E.g. Binance)

  • Weekly Volatility - (E.g. Greater than 8%/week)

  • RSI (Relative Strength Index) (E.g. less than 30, signalling market is in oversold conditions)

  • MA (Moving Average) Price Cross (e.g. Price crosses 20 MA from below, signalling the price has beaten the 20 day moving average)

Traders also have the ability to sort markets by various price and volume filters, as well as compare the performance of the 24hr volume against the 30 day volume for a given market. This can highlight with one click what are currently the most active best performing markets.


Traders can add relevant Digital Asset markets they are actively looking to trade to their watchlist to keep an eye on.

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