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Using APEX:E3 To Give You A Trading Edge
Trading with APEX:E3 Largest Whale Order Insights
Trading with APEX:E3 Largest Whale Order Insights
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Navigating from the Screener page, access our free, real-time Premium Insights

Largest Whales Across Crypo Markets

This insight provides a signal for a relatively large order in an active/liquid market. Liquidity is important as it determines how easily you can enter and exit a trade. You can use this analytic to see if a market is likely to uptick as large bids increase demand, encouraging prices to rise in the short term. By comparing the signal to the 15min price chart (found on our screener page), you can analyse whether the market price has indeed moved yet. Positioning yourself in a liquid market, before a potential uptick occurs can be a profitable trading strategy. The 15min chart shows whether the market is nearing a support area and has not yet bounced off which other traders may be aware of and might be looking to position themselves on.

Once you see a market populate the whale insights table, click through to the market page and once you had compared with 15 min price change you could execute a buy order on the corresponding exchange. In this example the 15min price change had not moved suggesting an uptick was still likely in the short term presenting a trading opportunity.

Buying in at 3.3530 and selling at 3.3623 would result in a 0.3% return โ€” a profitable trade!

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Credits : George Lewin-Smith, Stuart Moore

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