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Navigating from the Screener page, access our free, real-time Premium Insights

Arbitrage Trading Strategy

Using the Arbitrage analytic, you can see arbitrage opportunities occurring in real-time between 5000+ markets across 20+ exchanges. If you click a highlighted market opportunity, such as the Achain / Bitcoin Opportunity, you will be directed to the Global Aggregated Orderbook for that pair on the Markets page.

Top Ten Arbitrage opportunities across the Digital Asset markets

The Global Aggregated Orderbook (GOA) shows you between which exchanges the arb is occurring. The GOA also shows you the amount, that can be arbed.

In this example, using our analytic for this pair, you could buy ACT on Okex Exchange for 0.000000673.

You could then sell this Digital Asset on HitBTC for 0.0000008 as highlighted by the GOA, earning a 9% return for this trade.

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Credits: George Lewin-Smith, Stuart Moore

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