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Using APEX:E3 To Give You A Trading Edge
Trading with the APEX:E3 Screener Filters
Trading with the APEX:E3 Screener Filters
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Our Screener page aggregates over 5000+ Digital Asset markets across 20+ Exchanges. We have added some additional indicators and filters to give users a trading edge.

Trading Strategy using the Screener Filters

This strategy uses a full set of specific filters. We are looking for an active market which has good liquidity and is in an uptrend.

  1. Change the quote asset to BTC (as no markets existed with indicator condition filters for USD Quote)

  2. Add the Volatility filter and select “Week — Over 5%” (as we are trying to find active markets — typically weekly volatility over 5% suggests users and trading activity)

  3. Add the RSI filter (14 Day) “Oversold 40” (we are trying to find a market that is uptrending from a recent downward move)

  4. Add MA Price cross filter to “20 Day cross Below” (this confirms the uptrending market)

  5. The Screener will automatically filter across 20+ exchanges and 5000+ Markets for Asset pairs which meet these conditions

In this example, GO-BTC on Binance would present a trading opportunity. This is because it meets the indicator requirements and also has strong 30d and 24h Volume. This demonstrates it is likely to be an active liquid market.

Executing the Trade

Having located a potential trade you could go to Binance and place a postition. This trade might have to be held for a couple of hours, getting in below market price and exiting at above, as BTC is yo-yoing at the time of writing. In executing this trade we created a dynamic strategy which takes into account the current market conditions of BTC. Because of this we considered executing a trade 2% lower than the Top ask — 0.00000109 (as BTC is likely to drop today considering market conditions).

It is likely that this order will be filled today especially if BTC drops below $6600 as the Altcoins typically drop 3/4% for every 1% BTC drops. This is because the liquidity in Altcoin markets can be 100X less than in $BTC spot markets.

Exiting the Trade

We exited the trade at 0.00000117 making a profit of 7.34%.

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Credits: George Lewin-Smith, Stuart Moore

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