Setting up Alerts through Discord

You can set a price alert on Discord for any Digital Asset. Here is how:

  1. If you want to be notified when the price of Bitcoin goes up by 1%, type

    /alert btc usd 1% spot

  2. If you want to be notified when the price of Bitcoin Perp Swap goes up by 3%, type

    /alert btc usd 3%

  3. If you want to be notified when the price of XRP Perp Swap goes down by 1%, type

    /alert btc usd -1%

  4. If you want to know the price of eth usd spot market, type

    /alert eth usd spot

  5. If you want to be alerted if eth usd perp swap goes above or below $300, type

    /alert eth usd 300

Setting up an Alert through Twitter @APEXE3_alerts

Our bot also allows you to set a price alert on Twitter for any Digital Asset!

The Tweet format (not case sensitive) to submit a price alert is:

@APEXE3_alerts {base} {quote} {the price you want to be notified}

Once Tweeted, the bot will reply confirming that it has successfully set up the alert and that you will be notified when the market hits your target price.

When your price point is hit, you will be directly alerted on Twitter (mobile or web depending on whether you have notifications enabled). You can then set another alert!

Alerts in Action

To demonstrate how it works, I’ll go through an example of how to set an alert on the futures market — BTC USDT on Binance. I would like to be alerted when the price of BTC reaches 6204 USDT so submit this Tweet to the bot:

@APEXE3_alerts btc usdt 6204

Immediately, I receive a confirmation:

When the real-time price of BTC reaches my specified price of 6204, I receive a Twitter notification which reads:


Detecting % price changes

If you want to be alerted when the price of BTC USDT perp swap goes up by, say, 2% you can write;

@APEXE3_alerts btc usdt 2%

or get alerted when the price of eth usdt goes down by 3%

@APEXE3_alerts eth usdt -3%

Control notifications from APEXE3_Insights

Firstly, follow @APEXE3_Insights.

This is the bot that will reply to your Tweet and notify you when a price has been reached. You may also want to mute the account by clicking the three dots on the profile page. This is so that your timeline is not cluttered with other people’s notifications.

Changing the type of market you wish to be alerted on.

In the example I am interested in being notified on the futures market for: BTC USDT.

By default, the Twitter bot returns notifications on futures markets. However, if you would like to specify the spot market for the chosen pair simply follow up with ‘spot’. e.g. ‘BTC USDT spot’.

N.B. For the moment, this free bot is limited to only one notification per account at any one time. If you want to cancel your alert, please reach out to the team @APEXE3HQ. Tweeting at the @APEXE3_alerts account sets the alert, the @APEXE3_insights account will deliver the alert notification.

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Credits: Stuart Moore

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