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BETA Update Release — 22nd October 2019
BETA Update Release — 22nd October 2019

By Sharif El-Borgi - This release is based on feedback from the community

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What’s new

  • Search — The platform can now be navigated using a search component

  • Layout changes — The chart now appears above the order books. This reflects convention

  • News/Twitter/Reddit content — Update frequency increased and content represented more clearly

  • Deep Linking — Share and navigate to a given pair on a given exchange

  • Multi-Order book view — View order books across multiple exchanges


  • Social Media sharing — share the platform via facebook, twitter, linkedIn and Reddit

  • Feedback — Send feedback in one click

What’s new

Free text search — Enter an exchange or pair to see the latest market color

News/Twitter/Reddit content

The style of each view has been made consistent for an easier read.

Deep Linking

When navigating on the page, the url will reflect the given market being viewed. This works both ways! You can also change the market using the url as well.

Multi-Order book view

Multiple order books can be viewed. The user is presented with two grids on the right hand side:

  • The top grid shows the top of book across exchanges, allowing for comparison across exchanges.

  • Selecting an exchange will show the order book in the second grid below.



Along side our discord channel, we have now provided a means of direct feedback.

Credit: Sharif El-Borgi

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