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Jan 31st 2020 - APEX:E3 Emerges from Stealth
Jan 31st 2020 - APEX:E3 Emerges from Stealth

Our mission at APEX:E3 is to make financial data analytics available to everyone.

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We founded APEX:E3 in the summer of 2019 with a view to build an institutional-grade multi-asset analytics platform for the global financial community. Our experienced team of financial professionals, traders and technologists have been operating in stealth mode. We are combining our experience of over a decade building scalable enterprise financial systems, with our passion for the burgeoning Digital Asset market, to create institutional-grade tools to help retail traders make better trading decisions.

Having iterated the product with our community of over 250 retail traders, we are proud to announce the official launch of the APEX:E3 platform accessible here.

We have built statistical and financial modeling infrastructure, previously only accessible to financial institutions, for anyone wanting a quantitative edge. Our platform analyses market data emanating from the top Digital Asset Exchanges globally. We look forward to expanding into additional asset classes.

Our feature set is powered by A.L.I.C.E. (Automated Liquidity Identification Classification Engine), providing real-time analytics through a range of features which include:

Screening provides our standard analytics view and enables users to filter trading pairs and exchanges according to various variables.

Using the Watchlist you can follow, save and list specific assets.

Asset-Event Tagging identifies assets being discussed in media channels to connect market movement to media events.

The Tightest Spread/Arbitrage Analytic, shows liquidity across exchanges enabling users to identify arbitrage indicators.

The Buy/Sell Wall Analytic provides an insight into where orders are being placed, indicating opportunities to profit from demand and supply imbalances.

Whale Detection shows in real-time where the largest trades are occurring, in terms of value, Digital Asset and exchange.

The Global Orderbook allows you to aggregate multiple Digital Asset markets into a single view.

Coming soon:

Correlation engine lets you quantify relationships between markets.

Alerts enable users to extract market information when customizable conditions are met.

Backtesting as a service allows trading strategies to be tested from our global database of events.

Execute trades across multiple exchanges from our platform, including DEX’s which we are likely to integrate first. Create alerts for specific market conditions to inform trading strategies or automate execution decisions.

We are working on making our proprietary data and analytics available through our API.

We will be building many other features, co-created with our growing community. If you have any feedback or features/tools you would find useful — please get in touch.

Click HERE to try the product and access real-time Digital Asset analytics, related news and social media content.

Learn more about APEX:E3 and our features from our Content Repository.

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