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BETA Update Release — 21st April 2020
BETA Update Release — 21st April 2020

By Sharif El-Borgi

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Since launching in February we have been engaging with traders and funds to understand how our product can best suit their needs. Through constant iteration, we will be incorporating new ideas, features and community feedback into our platform. If you would be interested in talking to the team, would like a demo or have any ideas you would like us to build, please do reach out either on the APEX:E3 Platform or through emailing

What’s new

  • Performance improvements

  • Additional Screener filters

  • Screen your own watchlist

  • Product tours


  • Styling and theme upgrades


  • Backtesting update

What’s new

Performance improvements

We are keen to provide our users with a rich and valuable user experience. In this release we have rolled out a number of performance improvements across the entire suite of functionality, making the platform faster and more responsive.

Main highlights:

  • Improvement to load times across the application

  • Deep search optimisation

  • Improved market information lookup

  • Rendering improvements

Additional Screener filters

Enhancing our Screener with new filters, columns and search functionality is something we believe will give traders a larger edge. Our architecture allows us to consume data from over 20+ exchanges enabling us to create unique insights and analytics. Leveraging our architecture to provide additional valuable analytics is something we will be working on with our community in the coming months.

The first upgrade we have made is adding new filters (found on the right) to the screener. We have just added Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracement and Trend to our initial four filters. With these seven filters, it is now easier to discover insights and markets which meet your requirements. We will be looking to add more filters in the coming weeks.

Screen your own watchlist

Through clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right hand of the platform, you can access our deep search functionality. This enables you to look through all the 5000+ digital asset markets we cover across the 20+ exchanges we have integrated with. Once you have searched or scrolled through the list of assets, you can add a market to your watchlist through clicking the star next to each exchange. That will add the asset, denominated in the quote (found at the top of the section) on the exchange you are interested in, to your watchlist.

Our latest release improves the functionality of the watchlist, as clicking the watchlist button next to the other asset quotes, imposes your watchlist on the screener. This means you can then filter and screen purely on the assets of your choice, rather than the whole market.

Selecting the Watchlist option will allow you to screen the markets you are watching

Product Tours

Our desire to be in touch with our users, provide product walkthroughs and give fast support encouraged us to integrate Intercom. This functionality enables users to message the team in real time, with any questions, ideas or support requirements. We also have numerous products tours to guide users through the product, providing a macro overview of some of our most valuable features. We hope you enjoy this functionality and please do reach out to George by clicking the question button, hovering on the right lower side of the screen!


Styling and theme upgrades

We are constantly working on improving the User Interface of the platform for users. This release has updated our theme, making the application feel and look lighter, incorporating some feedback we received from our community. Please feel free to reach out with any ideas you may have which will improve the experience of the product for you.


Backtesting update

Backtesting is the process of testing and running trading strategies on historic data, to see how accurate or profitable a strategy would have been. We are currently building out the core infrastructure which will allow us to perform indicator and event based backtests through our platform.

Try our platform HERE to access real-time digital asset analytics, related news and social media content.

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