Sharif El-Borgi, Suleman Khan and I are proud and excited to announce that we have won the award for Best AI Product In Financial Services/ FinTech! 🚀 Thank you to the judges of #cogx2020 for this massive honour. We are humbled to be in the midst of great companies like SpaceX Onfido PwC and others.

This award is dedicated to our team, investor, advisors, supporters, friends and our users. Without you we are nothing.

Thank you George Lewin-Smith Ahmadali Bagheri Stuart Moore and Spencer Taylor for your tireless dedication to #APEXE3.

Thank you Tim Grant for your invaluable chairmanship, guidance and mentorship.

Thank you Joseph Lubin, Min Teo and everyone at ConsenSys for being a great investor, partner, door opener and end-to-end supporter from the very start. Your support continues to be invaluable.

Thank you to our advisory board Hussein Kanji Peter T. Golder Mikael Raber Jeffrey Laughman and Faisal Raja for your continued support, introductions and invaluable feedback.

Thank you to all our friends including Manu Gupta Charles Mounts Husayn Kassai Stefano Vaccino Glen Moore Nicolas Brand Affan Butt Yasir Qureshi Travis Pierce Richard Colucci and others who have given us their time and made invaluable introductions - We are very appreciative.

Thank You

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