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BETA Update Release - 6th July 2020
BETA Update Release - 6th July 2020

By Sharif El-Borgi

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What’s new

Addition of Derivatives

  • Binance Futures

  • Okex Swaps & Futures

  • FTX Swaps & Futures

  • Additional BitMex Swaps & Futures


  • Digital Asset Market Base selection

  • Ichimoku Indicator filter

  • Standardised layout

  • Increased quote coverage

  • Greater watchlist visibility on screener page


  • New ability to filter insights by Market Type (Spot, Futures, Swaps), Pair, Exchange and Stable Coin

  • Ability to control frequency of update

  • More granular insights for bid / ask walls

  • Enhanced whale discovery

  • Enhanced bid/ask wall identification

  • Search insights for specific markets

  • Greater watchlist visibility on insights page

  • Stablecoin Filter (show and hide stablecoins on insights)


  • Greater watchlist visibility on markets page

  • Deep market insights

  • Cross market comparisons\

  • Enhanced Social/News Feeds

  • Introduced customisable Influencer list to classify tweets from influential traders on Twitter

  • Liquidity Map - Real-time ranked visual representation of relative cumulative orderbook sum across exchanges

  • Liquidity Swarm - Provides a real-time multi-exchange visual representation of the top 25 bids and asks. This enables traders to quickly identify the best exchange in terms of price and liquidity

User Guidance

  • Tooltips

  • Knowledge base


Search Functionality

  • Streamlined

  • Cross platform, screener and insights


  • Add from screener

  • Add from insights

  • Add from Market view


  • View market from screener

  • Navigate to different markets using watchlist

Enhanced & Optimised Infrastructure

  • Scrubbers

  • Market Analytics Processors

  • Market Services

  • Optimised performance of insights generation

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