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The APEX:E3 API Overview
The APEX:E3 API Overview
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An API (Application Programmable Interface) allows anyone to access streamed or on-demand data. This enables them to perform their own data manipulation to build applications that fulfil their needs.

The newly released APEX:E3 BETA API will enable developers to access data from our cloud. Our award-winning big-data analytics architecture is working 24/7 to aggregate Digital Asset market data and create insights through trillions of calculations. This data represents billions of dollars of liquidity and enables our community to identify millions of trading opportunities.

Use the API to access aggregated exchange data and APEX:E3 market intelligence

Included in the API

Enriched Exchange Data

  • Real-time and on demand data, aggregated, transformed and normalised from over 20 digital asset spot and derivatives exchange

APEX:E3 Market Intelligence

  • Aggregated global orderbook (bids/asks for individual pairs across multiple exchanges in one place)

  • Ranked bid/ask imbalance ratios (quantification of buy / sell market intent)

  • Orderbook whale detection (identification of abnormally large bids across thousands of markets)

  • Ranked arbitrage opportunities (between 20+ exchanges and thousands of markets in one place)

  • Ranked spreads (delta between top bid and ask prices across thousands of markets)

Real time ticking order books are a measure of a market's intent. Reading market intent, helps traders make more informed trading decisions. This includes understanding market actions such as price change as a consequence of orderbook imbalances and spreads.

*We have applied orderbook analysis to Digital Assets first, and will be applying this approach to traditional asset classes in the future. Learn more about orderbooks on Investopedia here.*

Easy access

Calculating orderbook imbalances, spreads, arbitrage opportunities and performing whale order detection, is a task normally performed by a team of quants and developers using sophisticated IT infrastructure. Using the APEX:E3 API, anyone can easily access these functions and take advantage of our institutional grade, real-time analytics.

Who’s it for?
Our data is for our growing community of sophisticated active traders, algorithm builders, quantitative funds and exchanges. Our API offers authenticated and standardised access via websocket connectivity and REST endpoints for Python, JavaScript, Java, Excel VBA.and other languages.

With the API you can build:

  • Market maker bots

  • High frequency trading algorithms

  • Machine learning models using analytics as feature sets

  • Data lake

  • Personalised dashboards

Code samples and documentation

If you are interested in early access or a demo, please email us at

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