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Multi-asset Advanced Calculation Grid
Multi-asset Advanced Calculation Grid
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APEX's tech stack is designed to handle custom requests and microservices, allowing the company to handle complex issues for diverse clients. APEX excels in creating innovative analysis methods and multi-asset data visualisation.

APEX's multi-asset calculation grid is a powerful tool that helps asset managers manage the complexities of displaying large-scale data for Fixed Income ETFs and their calculations.

The underlying interest was surrounding introducing new ETFs to a collection, where securities have to go through numerous calculations, by unwrapping and wrapping the individual security. Moreover, with incredible functionality and utilisation of APEX’s innovative BDAaS, equations to help understand cash flow, risk including a variety of different ETF characteristics such as Maturity date, yields, coupons, a super-grid can be formulated, where a parallel grid can exercise the suggested calculations on the data at hand.

With this, one of the largest asset managers was facing difficulty with this task due to the complexity and volume of data involved. They were previously limited to displaying data for only 10 baskets of ETFs and up to 5,000-30,000 bonds. However, with APEX's solution, the asset manager was able to increase performance by a factor of 10. APEX's solution enables the asset manager to display data for up to 100 baskets of ETFs and up to 100,000 individual bonds in real-time. This is a significant improvement in terms of both breadth and depth of data that can be displayed.

Through APEX, the asset manager can access and analyse extensive datasets, providing a comprehensive analysis of the fixed income ETF market. This can help them to identify trends, make more informed investment decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

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