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From spreadsheet to web/desktop application
From spreadsheet to web/desktop application
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APEX’s tech stack allows institutions to easily turn spreadsheet data into interactive web and desktop applications. With APEX, you can take your data and transform it into a visually appealing and user-friendly application that can be accessed by anyone within an organisation. This can be particularly useful for institutions that need to share data and analysis with multiple stakeholders or departments.

With the ability to rapidly ingest historical pricing data, it is feasible to develop web/desktop applications in an immense turnaround time and ultimately push out end-to-end products for a client or for internal use. By creating such applications, users can access the data they need quickly and easily, without the need to spend time sifting through spreadsheets or trying to make sense of complex data sets.

Additionally, APEX allows you to add interactive features such as charts, graphs, and filters, so users can easily explore and analyse the data in ways that make sense for them. This can help to make the data more accessible and actionable, and can support better decision-making within your institution. Overall, APEX is a great solution for institutions looking to take their spreadsheet data and turn it into a useful and user-friendly application.

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