Client Section

Once clients are subscribed to your services then their profile gets populated in the client section. 

There you can see all of your active clients: 

  • What are their goals

  • How many more workouts do they still have before they complete them all

  • Which plans are they on

  • How much they are paying for that plan

  • And when is their next billing due

Each coach by default has a [ Demo-Client ] account. This is a default account that every coach has. Coaches can test the programming workflow from a client & coach point of view.

So...How can you access the client view for that demo account?

  1. Download the app 

  2. Let's say your email as a coach is Then you should sign into the app with this email  

  3. Enter the same password that you have used to access the portal

  4. Once you are logged into the app, then you can receive workouts from the coaching portal, log them, and track your progress on the app.

View your Client's Profile

 By clicking on any client, you will see 4 main tabs:

1- Calendar

 You can create workouts by hovering the mouse over each day and clicking on the "Add" button that pops up to start adding exercises.

2- Analytics 

You can assess each logged workout and exercise that the client has performed over a defined period of time. Analytics include tracking the Total Volume Load of each individual exercise or workout, tracking the 1 RM progress of each exercise, the average weight lifted for each exercise, the average intensity, the average RIR. The graph is a powerful tool that allows the coach to draw correlations between exercises and multiple parameters to assess how their athletes are progressing over time.

3- Media 

You can view the client's progress gallery from progress photos to analyzing videos of unique lifts performed to help the client in correcting their technique for optimal and safe progression

4- Client's Profile Info

You can see some information on who the client is, how tall they are, how much do they weigh, what's their activity level like, any history on injury,  how often are they logging, what's their latest feedback  have in the last few workouts that they have logged, and finally the coach can add some notes to keep track of their client.

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