Creating a workout starts by understanding your clients' goals, needs, and limitations.
Watch the video below for a quick demo:

Assuming that you have a good baseline to start with, go to one of your clients in the client section and make sure you are on the Calendar page.

Start by hovering your mouse over "Today's Date" that is highlighted in grey.
Then, click on the "Add button" that pops up.  

Once the Add button is clicked, another pop-up opens that will allow you to create a workout. Please note coaches cannot add workouts in the past and hence an "Add button" won't appear.

Here are the steps to create a basic workout:

  1. Name your Workout and save it

2. Add an Exercise in the "training" section below

Each exercise is made up of a unique movement, load, variations, and tempo.
The coach must select a name from each field to create a unique exercise. For example, to add a "Belted BB Squat at 3-1-0-1", the coach must select:

  1. "Squat" from Movement

  2. "BB" from Load (BB stands for Barbell)

  3. "Belted" from Variation

  4. Type in "3-1-0-1" in Tempo

If the coach chooses not to be as specific and just stick to "BB Squat", then the Variation and Tempo fields should be kept empty.

Note that variations are categorized under "Execution Variations", "Grip Variations", "Stance Variations", "Advanced Variations", "Lifting Equipment Variations", "Load Variations", "Position Variations", and "Attachment Variations".

You can choose to combine multiple variations to be as specific as possible with your clients.

3. Add a Note if there are some additional information that you would like your client to have.
Some coaches like to emphasize on critical Qs and techniques for a client to follow.
Others would like to inform clients that this exercise should be superset with another.
4. Configure the Exercise by adding the Number of Sets which is a mandatory field followed by the optional ones such as Reps, Time, RIR, Weight, and Rest Time

5. Save or Update your Workout if you haven't already and continue to add other exercises as you go.

Do you feel like you need to re-arrange the sequence of the exercises that you have already added?

Just drag and drop any exercise and save it !

What's the Bulk Edit for?

Sometimes a workout needs to have an overall change in intensity or volume without changing any of the exercise created. Coaches can now activate the bulk edit feature and as soon as a parameter is edited in one exercise, that will be edited in all of the exercises within a workout.

For example, coaches can change the number of sets of all the exercise from 3 sets to 5 sets. Then by activating the bulk edit first and editing the "Sets" in any exercise row afterwards, all the exercises will change from 3 sets to 5 sets.

The same conditions apply if the coach chooses to manipulate Reps, Time, RIR, Weight, and Rest Time

Here's how you can save time by cloning workouts

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