It's easy for coaches to get paid on APLYFT !

Connect your Stripe Account to start accepting payments and create Pricing Plans that define the services that you want to offer.
You can choose how much are you willing to charge your clients and how often do you want to get paid for your services. This means that you don't have to chase payments anymore. You just have to focus on training clients !

1- Connect Stripe

US Coaches

So far US-based coaches can connect their Stripe Account and get paid seamlessly through the app. 

Coaches have free access to this feature and DONOT PAY ANY CHARGES !

Non-US Coaches

However, Non-US based coaches cannot get through the app at the moment, but if you happen to process a good enough volume then we can always make exceptions. Contact us on for more info.

2- Create Pricing Plans

Each pricing plan should fall under a category whether it is General Health & Fitness, Olympic Weightlifting or any sport in Athletic Performance.

Let's say that most of your clients are "powerlifting clients". Then we recommend that you add the "Powerlifting" category.

  1. Once the Category is populated in the list, click it to expand that category section

  2. Start adding plans by click on the "Add Plan" button 

In this pop-up box, you will need to describe the service that you would like to offer in a few words so that clients know what they are subscribing to. For example: I would like to offer my clients: "General Strength Training and Nutrition Guidance"

What will your offer include in your plan? 

Coaches have to choose a combination of the different options that are there. For this example: I would like to offer clients:

  • "Training" services that are customized and adjusted according to each client.

  • "Nutrition" services that is comprehensive enough to keep clients performing well

  • "Video Analysis" services of how clients are performing certain movements with the aim to enhance technique and strength.

  • "Weekly Check-in" services which means that once a week, we will setup a call and talk about what went wrong, what went right, and what are the steps moving forward.

  • "1 Meet Attendance per Year", which means that clients can use this service for having coaches doing game day coaching to ensure optimal performance in a competition.

  • "Article Sharing" services which is optionally sent to clients on a weekly basis to keep them up to date on useful information that they may need to perform better in the weight room.

How much are you willing to charge for your services?

That is very subjective to each coach, but the good thing is that you have the flexibility to add the price you want and the billing interval. For example: 

  • I would like to bill my clients $95 per month for this service

  • OR, if I want clients to stick around for longer then we can change the billing to $250 billed every 3 month for this service

  • We also recommend you add a trial period so that clients specially the new ones to online training get a few days for free to test the service before committing for a longer period of time. For this example, we'll add a 7 day trial period.

Now that you have connected your Stripe Account and set your Pricing Plans

It's time to start inviting clients ! 

Go to this article: Invite your Clients

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