One of APLYFT's unique business model is the marketplace.

Any client looking for a highly qualified coach that can help him or her reach their goals in the safest and most efficient way can download the mobile app on the app store or play store.

Coaches have their profiles listed on the app according to the clients' goals. If the client happens to be a powerlifter, then only powerlifting coaches will appear. If the client happened to be interested in General Health and Fitness then only coaches who can offer this service appears on the app.

The listing process is a very delicate process ! Here are the steps to "Go Global"

Coaches need to be familiar with how the software works. 

  1. By subscribing for a minimum of 3 months, training clients, and processing client payments through the app, coaches will become eligible to submit an application to apply to Go Global.

  2. The application requires that the coach has an educational background and sufficient experience to coach clients on APLYFT.

  3. Once the above 2 are met, then the coach will undergo a technical interview with Dr. Haun. The technical interview is to make sure that the coaches have sufficient knowledge and experience that allows them to safely train clients on APLYFT.

Once coaches pass the interview, then their profile is ready to be listed on the app and ready to "Go Global"

Coaches who are listed can expect to receive training requests from clients coming from any part of the world.

Coaches can view and communicate with each of these potential clients' profiles before accepting to train them. And once the coach accepts the request, the client is automatically charged and is ready to start training.

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