Follow the video or the steps below to start building a Template

1. Create a Template

Select the Template section from the main menu, and click on "Create Template". You can name your Template as you see fit. I like to add the objective of this template, any limitations that come to mind, and the number of days per week that clients can commit to.

So, clients looking for a body transformation, but don't have any dumbbells, and can train 3 times a week will have a template name something along the lines of "3 days/ week Hypertrophy, No DBs".

2. Outline your Workouts

As soon as you create a template, it will get populated on the template list.

Click anywhere on the row of the Template created and let's start outlining what this template should look like.

For this example, it's going to be a 3 day per week training plan:

We will start by creating a workout without any exercises,

1. Click on "Create a Workout"

2. Make sure that you are starting to program on the first day of week 1

3. Name your Workout, save it, and close it !

In this example, we named the workout: "Back & Core"

Next, we want to clone "Week 1 Day 1" so that we have a 3 day plan,

4. Click on "Clone Template"

5. Click on "Partial" to clone part of your template

6. Set the type to "Day"

7. In this case, the Start and End are set to "Week 1 & Day 1"

Next, we want to clone "Day 1 to Day 3 and Day 5 of Week 1"

8. Set the Destination Template to "Existing"

9. Select the same template that we are working on from the drop down menu

10. Set "Week 1 Day 3"

11. Click on "Add more" below to repeat these steps for "Week 1 Day 5"

12. Finally click on "Clone"

Note that you can Clone to as many Days and weeks ahead for the same Template or other templates.

All the 3 workouts will be now on Day 1, Day 3, and Day 5 of Week 1

Finally, you can edit the names of each workout so that it corresponds to the day's objective or to anything that helps keep you organized.

12. Click anywhere on the workout's name to edit the name

13. Click on "Update Workout" to save it

14. Use the navigation arrows to move fast on to the next workout

Navigation Arrows help you move from one workout to the other with minimal clicks and update the upcoming or previous workouts created

Click here to find out how to build more training weeks ahead.

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