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App Radar automatically calculates your app's App Store Optimization (ASO) Score once you connect your developer account. This helps you determine the overall ASO health and growth potential of your app.  

The overview includes the following focus points:

  • Overall: how good your app is optimized in general (all localizations)

  • Primary Localization: how your app score is for your primary language 

  • Needs optimization: which locale needs the most improvement

If you scroll down, you can see individual Optimization Suggestions for your Primary locale, the number of issues, and the score

We ordered all issues by color and impact:

  • Red - High Impact: These are issues that need to be resolved so that your App Store Optimization efforts aren't compromised.

  • Yellow - Medium Impact: Resolving these issues, take your ASO from good to perfect. They aren't urgent, but they still have a big impact on your ASO efforts.

  • Gray - Low Impact: These issues don't have a direct impact on your app store visibility but may affect your conversion rate

    If you scroll down further, you see the Optimization Suggestions, number of issues, and the ASO Score for every localization that you have your app available. The issues are listed below every localization and can be viewed by clicking the dropdown symbol. 

We suggest that you start solving issues from top to bottom, meaning that you should tackle problems with high impact first.

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