With this feature, you can add new Localizations to your app and edit existing ones. You can view the localizations by clicking on the dropdown menu as you see below.
To edit a localization click on the language on the list. To add further localizations, click on the plus symbol.

For iOS apps you can edit the
Name, Subtitle, Keywords
, Description, Promotional Text and Release Notes 

For Play Store apps you can edit the Name, Short Description and Description

Hit the "Save" button in the top right corner to save your changes in App Radar.

Push to App Store Connect and Push to Google Play

You can push your app information changes directly into your store by clicking the "Push to App Store Connect" or "Push to Google Play" button. You have to first click "Save" to activate this button. 

App Store Connect:

Pushing to App Store Connect overwrites app information in all localizations with the app information from your current version in App Radar.  

To release a new version in the App Store, you always have to submit a new app version to review first. When you click on Push to App store connect, you submit your version for review. After the new version is approved by the Apple team, your app information changes will be live in the App Store as well. 

Google Play Console:

When you Push to Google Play, the changes will be immediately visible in the Play store.

Version Conflict

Make sure to import your latest app version from the app stores to App Radar to avoid Version conflict.

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