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You can find the "Changelog" feature on the left side menu, under "Optimize Store Listing."

With the Changelog feature, you can access the history of changes you pushed to App Store Connect or Google Play Console when using App Radar. In the Changelog, the changes made directly in the stores will be also recorded โˆ’ the data will be synchronized in periodic time frames (usually every 2 hours) within App Radar.

You can filter the information by Time Frame, Country (the localizations that you've made changes to), or Fields (fields of the app listing like Name, Description)

The snapshot displays the version number of the app, the date of the snapshot, and the number of changes.
By clicking on Total Changes, you can view the details of the changes

Then you see exactly what you changed in your previous version.ย 

  • On the box, you have a drop-down button, where you can choose between the localizations that the changes were made

  • The top information indicates which field was changed

  • Right under the name of the field, you can see the version number and the date the change was done

  • The parts highlighted in green mark app information you've added

  • The parts highlighted in red and crossed out show what you've erased

  • Parts with no highlight have not been changed

The Changelog Feature is also integrated into every chart available on App Radar. This means you can see the changes you made directly in the chart by clicking the Speech Bubble.ย 

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