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You can find this feature in the left side menu, under Optimize Store Listing and clicking on Store Listing.

For iOS

In the Store Data feature, you can:

  • See the current app version

  • Edit the Age Rating of your App (displayed on your app store listing)

  • App Review Information: here you provide (if needed) a username and a password for the Apple team to test the new version of your app before approving it. In addition to that, you also add your contact information to Apple's team, together with some notes that you would like to share with them.

For Google Play

  • See the current app version

  • Add and edit your contact information that will be available on your app store listing. You can add: your website, the email that the users or potential users can contact you, link to your Privacy Policy and also choose tags that describe your app.

After changing the metadata, you can choose between saving it in App Radar or you can directly export your changes to App Store Connect to Google Play Store. 

For Google Play apps the changes will be released immediately in Google Play Store. For iOS changes will go live after you have released a new version in App Store Connect.

Important Note: If you Import your app version from App Store Connect or Google Play Console, it will overwrite all your app information in App Radar and vice versa: an export from App Radar to App Store Connect or Google Play Console will overwrite the app information there.

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