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Import & Export - Check Your App Version and Connections
Import & Export - Check Your App Version and Connections

Import to App Radar & Export to the app stores your app version

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You can find this feature on the left side menu under "Optimize Store Listing."

Before you start making changes to your app store listing in App Radar, you should also check out if you are making changes to your most recent version.

If the version you currently have in App Radar isn't the most recent one, you can choose to import your app version from App Store Connect or Google Play Console to App Radar. When you import it, all your app information that you have in App Radar will be overwritten by this latest version.

If you want to overwrite your app version in the app stores with the current version you are working on in App Radar, you can click on Export.

The timestamp shows the last active changes that were made in App Radar and in App Store Connect/ Google Play Console.

Differences between App Store Connect and Google Play Console

Updates to Google Play apps will go live immediately in Google Play Store, but it can take up to 24 hours until your changes are visible worldwide.

Changes to app information for iOS or tvOS apps will only be active after a new version update is released in App Store Connect. This means that after you export your version from App Radar to App Store Connect, you have to log in to App Store Connect and submit your last app version to review.


In this feature, you can also check your Connected Credentials for this app by clicking on the button "Change Connection." You will be redirected to the "Connections" feature.

You will be able to see your:

  • Connected credentials,

  • Check the connection status,

  • Check which permissions and roles your credentials have,

  • See the status of your permissions,

  • See the server,

  • Add new credentials,

  • Change credentials.

You can also find this feature on the left side menu under "Configuration” → “Connections”.


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