Google Play Threshold 

If you have connected your Google Play app to App Radar and still haven't seen any data, the issue is most likely Google Play Threshold.

According to Google Play, "Google will not display data that falls under certain minimum thresholds". So unfortunately, when your app's store views or installs do not reach a certain amount, the data cannot be shown.

How to check this

  1. Login to your Google Play Console

  2. In the All Apps view select the App that you don't see any data for.

  3. Navigate to Grow > Store Analysis and take a look at the date range for the graph.

If you are not seeing data in the Acquisition Report when selecting a daily time-frame, then the Threshold implemented by Google is the issue.

If you are seeing data in the Acquisition Report but not in App Radar, please contact us, so we can investigate the issue further.

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