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Gain insights about Apple Search Ads and make better paid user acquisition decisions

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In Search Ads You'll Find the Following Features:

  • Search Ads Inspector

  • Share of Voice

  • Advertiser Score

Search Ads Inspector

The Search Ads Inspector is part of App Radar's App Store Advertising Intelligence. This feature allows you to measure your ad's visibility and to make actionable Brand Protection steps.

You can find this feature under Analyze > Search Ads > Search Ads Inspector.

Our Search Ads Inspector enables you to see if you're the top bidder and your brand's Share Of Voice for keywords.

To see which keywords you have a share of ad impressions on:

1. Choose an app and then choose a country

2. Check out your Share of Voice column to see the exact share of the app's ad impressions for that keyword

3. Check to see if the app is the top bidder, meaning it has the largest share of ad impressions for that keyword. A checkmark means the selected app is the top bidder, and a yellow warning sign means another app is winning the bid. You can check out who is the top bidder by clicking on the icon.

By clicking on the app icon or "Details," you can get more information about the apps in the list. You can also add the app to your competitor's list by clicking on the "plus" icon.

4. Track a keyword by adding it to your Keyword Tracking list. A green checkmark signifies that you are already tracking this keyword

5. Filter keywords by:

  • The range of Share of Voice

  • The range of Search Volume (how often people use that keyword for searches)

  • The range of Organic Rank (how many apps are ranking organically ranking for a keyword)

  • Type the keyword you are looking for, for example, your brand name to see who is the top bidder or who has the highest share of voice

  • Click on "Filters" to hide low search volume keywords

6. You can copy all keywords to your clipboard or export the whole list as a CSV file.

7. Go to the bottom of the table to decide how many keywords you want to see per page

To see who else is running ads on your keywords:

1. Select your app

2. Click on the Share of Voice column until you see the arrow up, which means you have the lowest Share of Voice for those keywords.

3. You can always rearrange the order of the keyword by clicking on the category you would like to focus on, just like you see in the screenshot above.

4. Then click on the attention sign to see the Share of Voice for all other apps running ads on that keyword.

Share of Voice

Share of Voice, or SOV, is the share of ad impressions an app has for a keyword. Meaning, the Share of Voice is a way to measure the exposure of your ads for a specific keyword in a time frame.

In simple terms, during x days, a specific keyword was used as a search term x times, and your ad showed up in x% of these searches. Our Share of Voice feature shows you the share of ad impressions for Apple Search Ads.

How to Get to Share of Voice?

The Share of Voice feature is found in Analyze --> Search Ads --> Share of Voice.

How does Share of Voice Work?

First, select the country and type in a keyword.

Then the results will show you the Share of Voice, starting with apps that have the highest share of ad impressions.

The table contains the following information:

  • App: The name of the app. By pressing the app icon you can see more details about that app

  • Developer: The name of the apps' developer

  • Rating: The app's average star rating

  • Ratings: The number of ratings an app has

  • Share of Voice: The percentage of ad impressions that app has for that keyword

  • Preview: View more details about the app

  • Add: Add the competitor app to your Competitor list.

Just click on the field name on the top of the column to rearrange the order of the table. The results are arranged by the field where you see the arrow.

Advertiser Score

The Advertiser Score gives you deep insights into the App Store Ads strategy of any given app in any given country. You can best use it to identify who is running the best-performing and also most aggressive App Store Ads. These may be your competitors.

You can find the Advertiser Score in Analyze --> Search Ads --> Advertiser Score.

How is the Advertiser Score calculated?

The Advertiser Score was created by the team at App Radar and is a unique measure of an app's App Store Ads strategy. The score is a combination of the app's ad spend, the share of ad impressions, and keyword search volume. The higher the score, the more aggressive an app's ad strategy is.

How does Advertiser Score work?

To get started, select the country that you would like to view the Advertiser Score for.

The chart view shows apps from the highest Advertiser Score to the lowest. In the chart view, you can scroll over an app to see their Advertiser Score.

You can jump to your app or your competitors' Advertiser Score by selecting in the "Jump to App" dropdown. Only the competitors that are placing ads in that country will be available to select.

When you select one app from your list, you will see apps that have similar advertiser scores.

The table below contains the following information:

  • App: This is the App Name. Click on the App Icon to view more details about the app

  • Developer: The name of the app's developer

  • Rating: The app's average star rating

  • Ratings: The number of ratings the app has

  • Score: This is the Advertiser Score

  • Preview: See more details about the app

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