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Competitors feature is where you'll manage the competitor apps you've added to your App Radar account. Here, you can find two taps: Overview and Creatives.


In the table you have the following information:

  • App: App Name 

  • Developer: Developer Name

  • Ratings: Number of ratings the app has

  • Rating: Average star rating

  • Last Updated: The last time the store listing was updated

  • Keyword Ranking Insights: Totals (total number of keywords the app is rankings for,) Top 10 (total number of keywords the app is in the top 10 ranking positions,) #1 (total number of keywords the app is ranking number one)

  • Preview: See more details about the app 

Adding Competitors

There are 2 ways to add competitors. 

1. Click "+ Add Competitor" on the right-hand side above your competitor list. Here you can also find competitors suggested by our AI. Reject the suggestions that aren't related to your app to train our AI. Click on the "plus" icon to add competitor.

2. Scroll down to the search bar at the bottom of your competitor list. Type the competitor you would like to add and click "Search."

To delete competitors, just check the box next to its name and press "Delete # Competitors."

You can also look for your tracked apps, by using the search box.

The competitors added are shown for all the countries you've added to App Radar. This way, you can track their performance in different stores.

Competitor Creatives

While the text helps your app rank higher in App Store and Google Play, with a good ASO strategy, creatives are the actual first impression of your app. Users decide within a few seconds whether they want to download an app or not, so your creatives or app store visuals need to show your app's value proposition in a dynamic and attention-grabbing way.

Your app store listing has 3 visual elements that drives downloads:

  1. App icon

  2. App screenshot

  3. App preview or promo video

These 3 need to work together and show a unanimous picture in order to catch the users`attention.

How does it work?

With this feature, you will have the chance to have a better overview of your competitor's creatives. You can select a specific country/local, based on the country selection you can see visuals used in the store listing for that specific country:

You can see all added competitors add new competitors with the Add Competitors button:

For each competitor, you can see:

  • app title

  • ratings

  • developer

  • icon

  • Visuals, include videos and have them optimized for portrait and landscape images.

Compare Keywords with Your Competitors 

From the Competitors tab, you can go directly to the Competitor Keywords feature by pressing "Compare Competitors".

You have to first select which competitors you'd like to compare and then click on "Compare Competitors."

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