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Get insights into the download numbers of your app, your competitor’s app, or any app you want to analyze.

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About App Downloads

The App Downloads feature gives you insights into the download numbers of your app, your competitor’s app, or any app you want to analyze. You can select a date range and check out the Total Downloads and Daily Downloads for up to five apps and gain valuable knowledge about the app market’s current trends. We currently show you data after Feb 12th, but soon the data from the previous period will also be available. App Downloads feature is only available for the Google Play Store apps.

How does the App Downloads feature work?

We collect every day the number of downloads for each app from the Google Play Store. We store them in our database, and based on that, we’ll show you the daily downloads and the total download trend.

How to use App Downloads?

App Downloads can help you gather information about the download statistics over time for your competitors or give you insights about an app market, a niche, or a specific developer. This way, you can learn about the current app trends and make informed decisions based on additional data.

We have split up the feature into two sections:

  • App View

  • Developer View

How can I see my app data on the chart?

First of all, you should select a date range for which you want to see the data. Note that the data is only available from the date we started collecting download data.

The table gets pre-filled with your added competitors. Toggling On/Off the button in the Chart column shows/hides the specific app in the graph.

Adding an app to comparison

You can change the apps listed in the table by clicking on the Add App to Comparison button (in the developer view, the button is Add Developer to Comparison). That opens a pop-up where you can choose an app from your existing list of competitors (if you have no added competitors, you have an option to search for apps/developers). Once you add the competitor, you click on the X button. You can add a maximum of 5 apps/developers for analysis.

The graph has two tabs:

  • Total Downloads - line graph shows the average downloads per day in the selected period;

  • Daily Downloads - bar chart view that shows the daily downloads number.

Developer View

In the Developer View’s table, you can see the Distribution column, which shows all the apps from that developer. Hovering over the distribution chart shows a tooltip with the app name and its download statistics. Clicking on the Details link opens up a pop-up that shows a list of all apps for that developer and their download statistics.

I can’t see my category/country in App Downloads. Why?

App Downloads are calculated globally; currently, there isn’t an option to see the download per country. For more details on adding an app for comparison, please visit the How to use App Downloads section above.

Comparing your downloads with competitors

If you have a Google Play app, it will be automatically selected and shown in the App Downloads feature. You can then add different apps and compare their downloads in total or for different periods.

I can’t see daily download data for some apps. Why?

The daily download data can be zero simply because there weren’t any downloads on that specific day.

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