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Step-by-step guide how to connect your Google Console Account with App Radar

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Note: In order to link your Google Play Console account, you need admin rights.

After you add your app, in your App Radar account, you will find “Connect app” on your Dashboard.

After clicking on this, you will get the following a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Sign in to the Google Play Console.

Step 2: Navigate to Users and permissions.

Step 3: Click "Invite new users".

Step 4: Fill in User Details.

In the Email address field, insert the address presented to you during the connection process inside App Radar (e.g. For Access expiry, please set the availability of invitation for 2 days minimum.

Step 5: Select Account Permissions.

  • Scroll to App Access and select View App information and download bulk reports (Required for all connection features)

  • Scroll to Financial Data and select View financial data, orders and cancellation survey responses (required for App Metrics Feature)

  • Scroll to Store Presence and select Manage store presence (required for Store Listing Editor Features)

  • Scroll to User Feedback and select Reply to reviews (required for Review Feature)

Step 6: Click "Invite user".

Our support team will now process your invitation. Within 48 hours after sending the invite, you will receive an email to the developer account you sent us the invite from. In this email, click on the button to finish your connection setup.

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