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Why Connect Your Google Ads and Apple Search Ads account with App Radar?
Why Connect Your Google Ads and Apple Search Ads account with App Radar?

Here are 4 reasons why you should connect your ads within your App Radar account.

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To have great user acquisition, you need to combine ASO and Ads, in order to enhance your visibility across multiple channels. That is why Growth & Enterprise Plan users can connect their Google Ads and Apple Search Ads accounts within App Radar and get an overview of their user acquisition efforts.

#1: Keep track of your important ad metrics

Keep track of the most important ad performance metrics of your Google App Campaigns and Apple Search Ads. How did your impressions, conversions, and costs perform compared to the previous period? Does cost per conversion increase or decrease?

#2: Understand the correlation between organic & paid UA

Analyze how your paid conversions impact total app growth. Understand the share of traffic that comes organically and through Google App Campaigns or Apple Search Ads.

#3 Analyze why your traffic is dropping or increasing

Why did your app installs drop last week? Was it organic or paid UA traffic? Why did installs start increasing? Did some Google App Campaigns work really well, did some Apple Search Ads campaigns, or did an ASO update have that impact? What does this mean on a country level?

#4 Weekly performance reporting

Get your weekly ads' performance report directly in your inbox and see:

  • ad performance metrics changes compared to the previous week

  • correlation between organic and paid conversions

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