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Understand the Google Ads feature and KPIs App Radar displays

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At the moment, for Google Ads and Apple Search Ads*, you can find on your Expert, Growth and Consulting Plan dashboard the following three widgets:

1) Ad Performance Overview

2) Cost per Conversion

3) Conversion Rate Overview

Ad Performance Overview

To better understand what you are analyzing, you need to know the data that is visible within App Radar and the meaning behind it.

What is a conversion here?

Conversions are taken from your Google Ads Account. They are based on what you have defined within your Campaign Conversion Goals. This can be installs or in-app activities.

By default, the data for the last 90 days will be shown within your App Radar dashboard.

What is an app install here?

New installs include all users who have for the first time installed your app. They are taken either from your Google Play Console → store analysis → add filter → new users, or from App Store Connect with the filter “new”.

Learn more on the Ad Performance KPI overview

Conversion Rates

This widget is a visual representation of your conversion rate from impression to your final selected conversion. This way, you can analyze conversion rates between core ad metrics and understand the root cause of low conversion rates, since you can see in which step of the conversion funnel do users drop off.

Is it because users are not convinced to click on your ad once they see it? Or is it because once users click on your ad, they are not convinced to go further?

Additional information

A few frequently asked questions that might you understand the feature better.
Learn more about Google Ads Performance.

Which Google Ads campaigns are shown within App Radar?

App Radar will display only Google app campaigns. This means, when you connect their Google Ads account to App Radar, but has no app campaigns running, then no data will be shown. We only check campaigns that are promoting the apps you have in your App Radar account.

What happens when I connect a Google Ads Account with several accounts added?

App Radar will search for app campaigns across the Google Ads account that are related to the specific app.

What happens when I revoke access to Google Ads?

All data that had been imported until that time will stay within your account, but no new data will be imported.

Why are my Google Ads Conversions higher than my total installs?

Some insights on why Google Play Console "Installs" data may differ from Google Ads conversion data:

  • In App Radar, we only show “new users” for installs from Google Play Console/App Store Connect, so unique users who installed an app for the first time.

  • Google Ads conversions include all install events, including re-installs and installs on multiple devices.

  • If you have different campaigns running with different conversion goals (one focusing on installs, one on in-app actions), App Radar will show the sum of both and doesn’t differ between installs and in-app actions.

Get more information on the feature!

*Please note, that your campaign data will only be visible in App Radar if you are running Apple Search Ads Advanced campaigns. No data for Apple Search Ads Basic campaigns will be shown in App Radar.

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