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Understand how to use the Search Visibility Score to monitor your organic performance

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On your ASO Tool Dashboard, you can find the search visibility score.

The search visibility score will help you see the effects of your ASO efforts per country. It shows the evolution of your app's organic visibility in the store compared to your competitors.

How does the search visibility score get calculated?

The search visibility score is based on a combination of your keyword rankings and the search volume of those keywords. As a next step, a score gets calculated and put into correlation with the score of competitors.

An app that ranks high (top 10 and above) on keywords with high search volume, will therefore have a higher search visibility score.

What is the baseline of the score calculation?

The app project that you are currently viewing on your ASO Tool Dashboard sets the baseline for all comparisons. This means, that all scores of other selected competitor apps are based on the project that you are currently working on. Your app's score from the first day of the selected time period will set the baseline for all calculations.

Let's look at it based on an example:

  • Given a selected time period of Feb 01 - Feb 13, the value of your own app at the start date of the selected period (Feb 01) will be taken as a base for all further calculations

  • Your App (red dashed line below) will be the baseline for the comparison to itself (over time) and competitor apps. The red dashed line will always remain on the 0 value of the y-Axis and will never take on any different value than 0

  • All apps will then display a percentage value of change in comparison to this baseline

This allows us to display the following trends on a chart:

  • How your app's visibility was progressing over a certain time period compared to the start of the time period

  • How your competitors were progressing in that time period

When do I get a negative % score?

Let's look at the scenario of having a negative score based on an example in the time period Dec 22 - Dec 28:

  • On 22.12 your app has a score of 300 (calculated total value based on keyword rankings and search volume) -> this would be the baseline (100%)

  • On 23.12 your app has a score of 54 -> then you would get a -82% score as a result

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