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Ad Copy Generator (AI-assisted)

How to use Ad Copy Generator to generate ideas for your ad campaigns.

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Based on App Radar's integration with Generative AI, this feature makes generating ideas for ad campaigns quick and easy in just a few clicks.

Why you should use this feature?

If you're running out of ideas, or time, you can use this feature to spark your imagination or simply to generate new ideas for your ad campaigns.

Note: Currently, the feature is available for Google App Campaigns and Meta Ads.

How does it work?

Go to App Radar's Growth Tool and in the Menu under Analyze Ads select Ad Copy Generator.

On this page, you may create generate new ideas for your campaigns.

To generate a content suggestion, do the following:

  1. Select the desired Ad platform (Google or Meta)

  2. Write the name of the app

  3. Write the app description

  4. Write the feature highlights - up to 3 highlights

  5. Write the target audience and the audience description - up to 3 targets and descriptions

  6. Choose the tone (Informal or formal) of the generated text

  7. Choose the language (currently only available in English and German)

8. Click Generate Suggestions

You can now review the suggestions as well as copy them (each individual line or the whole text).

As part of your plan, you have a set amount of suggestions available monthly. If you reach the quota and would need to access more, please contact us via for upgrading your account.

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