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Configuring Build scripts
Configuring Build scripts

How to configure build scripts in App Center

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You can add up to three custom build steps that run at pre-defined stages during build time. 

To configure build scripts, place the scripts with the respective format next to the project-level (.xcodeproj, build.gradle, .csproj, .sln or package.json) file that you've selected in the build configuration and we will run them as custom build steps. For iOS and Android apps, we support Bash scripts, for UWP apps we support PowerShell scripts.

Once you do this, the pre and post build jobs are located on the App Center portal, and here are the steps to find it:

  1. Navigate to your app

  2. On the left hand panel, click onBuild

  3. Hover your mouse over your branch you’d like to configure, on the extreme right hand corner of the row, click on the gear icon

  4. Under the header Build app, click on More options

  5. Under Build scripts, you will see the scripts 

Here is the documentation for more details, and an example of how QuickType does it – pre and post build. 

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