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Build - AzureDevOps Connection issue aka "No Projects Found"
Build - AzureDevOps Connection issue aka "No Projects Found"

We can't see it, but you know it's out there -- in a different organisation.

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Sometimes, after you connect your AzureDevOps repository to AppCenter build, you don't get the list of projects to choose from! Despite you being the owner, despite seeing them on the AzureDevOps page. I know. Scary! 

It is possible when you first attempt to connect AppCenter to AzureDevOps , it's authorized under the wrong organisation.
I'm referring to, 

(Image Intentionally left un-linked to the page that shows this)

It is possible that you are part of multiple organisation (with the same Identity : literally like how you can be part of Multiple Active directories, for the AD enthusiasts) because you are added to them, by your Org/yourself. In my example, I'm part of the Microsoft organisation (@microsoft as I work here), manbtrain (from creating my own Azure Active Directory/Org for testing), manb (because testing once is not enough).. and so on.

We can also find which organisation the AzureDevOps account is connected to.. so in my case, under the Microsoft Organization, I am part of a bunch of AzureDevOps accounts.

In your case, you will see the associated AzureDevOps  accounts for the Organization/Directory selected.
The magical page that shows all this information, is of course the Visual Studio Profile Page

To ensure you don't run into this issue at all (Prevention is better than cure, after all), verify the Organization and the associated AzureDevOps account (The AzureDevOps account must be under AzureDevOps  Accounts heading, and not in Accounts in Other Organizations) are correct.
Then when you attempt to complete the OAuth flow, you should see,
App requests the following permissions from (org)

So if you've authorized the correct Organization for AppCenter, you are good! You will not run into this issue.

Now to help "fix" the wide set of users that run into  (Authorized the wrong org)

  1. {Remove existing Authorization from other directories, as we only support one connection at this time}
    Go to VS Profile Page and remove AppCenter from the list of Authorizations from all organizations. Switch to each of those using the Drop down on the Left and remove authorizations for AppCenter in all of those directories. (Some may not even have "Authorizations" - no reason to panic, we're trying to ensure you've cleaned up the Authorizations)

  2. Then, use the sign me out of everything Visual Studio to sign out of all VS profile pages.

  3. Wait for an hour (It takes about an hour for the token to expire)

  4. Use an incognito browsing to sign back into VS Profile Page and switch to the correct Organization (where you have the AzureDevOps Account you're trying to connect) this is very important.

  5. Log into AppCenter in another tab, go to the Build page, and go to this URL 

  6. You should see something like, below, the important thing to note is that the highlighted part will show (your correct email ID) (Correct Org)

Hope this helps!

Cause: The cause for this unintended wrong authorization is modern browsers, and the way orgs are handled. If we're not careful which org we're authorizing AppCenter in the first place, we will get stuck here.

Helpful links:
VS Profile Page :
Sign me out of VS :

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