Integration with Google Play Console helps you to get both positive and negative reviews, reply to customers reviews, and get more mobile app downloads.

This integration lets you:

  • Receive reviews directly from Developer console,
  • Get reviews with additional parameters: app_version_code, app_version_name and device, and others;
  • Reply to Google Play reviews from AppFollow, Slack or help desk services;
  • See what version of an app is used by the user that left a review;
  • Get ASO and sales reports.

How to set up reply to reviews

To set up this integration, you need your Client ID and Client Secret. Here's how to find them:

  1. Open your AppFollow dashboard and click “Integrations”;
  2. Choose Google Play Console;
  3. Go to the Developer Console > Settings > API account. You should have owner rights to access this part of console;
  4. Click "Create OAuth Client";
  5. Select "View in Google Developers Console";
  6. Click on the latest ID name;
  7. Copy your Client ID and Client secret and paste into the AppFollow pop up;
  8. Click Next;
  9. Next you'll need a code;
  10. Click "get this code here" and login into Google Account that has access level "View app information" and "Reply to reviews";
  11. Allow Google to access your Account;
  12. Copy and paste the code into your AppFollow Account.
  13. Click "Add integration".

Please note, that you have 20 replies per month for free. If you need more, contact our support team.

If you have an iOS version of your app, set up App Store Connect integration to reply to reviews.

How to set up ASO Report

Here you need Account ID and Google Play account owner email. Use your Google Play Console to get them:

  1. Open your app page in AppFollow;
  2. Click a blue button "ASO Report";
  3. There you need to fill out two fields: Account ID and Email;
  4. To get your Account ID open your Google Play Console. You can find Account ID in the URL:
  5. Copy these 20 digits and paste in the Account ID field
  6. Fill out the next field - Email. In the “Email address of Google Play Console account owner” type the owner’s Email address of your Google Play developer account. If you are not an owner, you can find this Email on the “Settings” — “Developer account” — “Account details” page;
  7. Click "Add Integration";
  8.  And the final step is to invite the “” account to your Google Play console with the read-only access;
  9. You are done now! Click the “Get ASO Report” button on your app's page and download the data.

How to set up Sales Report

Here you need Developer ID and the code (in the instruction below). Use your Google Play Console to get them:

  1. Open your AppFollow dashboard > Integrations;
  2. Find your Google Play Console integration and click “edit” (or click “add new integration” if you haven’t integrated it before);
  3. Click “Sales report” tab;
  4. Go to your Developer Console > click the app;
  5. Choose User feedback > Reviews;
  6. Click Download (on the right upper corner);
  7. Find Direct Report URL and copy only 20 digits;
  8. Paste it into your AppFollow Account;
  9. Click "get this code here" and login into Google Account that has access level "View app information" and "View financial data";
  10. Allow Google to access your Account;
  11. Copy and paste the code into your AppFollow Account;
  12. Click "Add integration".

Is it safe for my data?

It is absolutely secure. Using Google Play Console OAth and API, AppFollow doesn't have the access to ANY personal data except your reviews and replies. Google Play Console keeps safe the rest info. More about API and replies.

I don't have the right access

Only Google Account owner can provide the proper rights. Tick "View app information" and "Reply to reviews" and/or "View financial data" for appropriate permissions and save.

I have an error

Sometimes after finishing setup, you might see the following error on Google while logging in:

To fix it open Settings of your Google Play console and re-login.

If you see the following error on Google while logging in:

Please make sure that email address and product name is configured in the Consent screen of Google developer console. Open the Credentials tab using the left sidebar menu > Open the OAuth consent screen tab using the top link in the central area > Set the Email address field value > Set the Product name shown to users field value > Press the Save button. This page is available for account owner.

What's next?

  1. Now you will see a box for reply under each user review:

2. Receive and reply to reviews from Slack

3. Reply to iOS and Mac reviews

4. Check your app and ASO performance with ASO report

5. Monitor your app performance with Slack Sales Report and get updates right to your Slack channel!

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