Apploi API overview

Integrate with Apploi with your ATS, CRM, HRIS

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API basics

An API is a "software development toolkit" that provides software developers with the ability to perform a very specific set of functions within a cloud-based application. APIs enable you to choose the best software for your needs (ATS, CRM, HRIS, etc.) and integrate the systems together so that data can flow back and forth automatically without any manual work on the users of the system.

What is the Apploi API?

The Apploi API is simply the API that we provide to all of our customers. It allows you to perform a very specific set of functions within your Apploi account. In the hands of your software developers, they can write simple software programs to communicate with objects in your Apploi account and automate tasks between other cloud-based applications.

The Apploi API is included with all subscription levels. The API documentation can be found here:

What is an API Key?

API access is secured for every customer of Apploi. After all, you wouldn't want unauthorized users accessing the data in your account, right? An API Key is a complex alphanumeric string used to unlock the door and give authorized users access to your account via the API.

Where can I find my API Key?

Please contact to receive the API key

What sort of interactions can be performed using the Apploi API?

Our API allows you to interact with various objects such as:


  • Create new job postings

  • Extract records of your existing job postings


  • Add new candidates and resumes/files into your account

  • Add notes/comments to candidate profiles

  • Add categories to candidates

  • Extract records of your existing candidates

A full list of the functions and objects that can be interacted with can be found here:

What would someone use these interactions for?

That's the most exciting part of APIs! These functions can be programmed into a small software application that can be used to automate tasks by creating an integration or "bridge" between your Apploi account and other cloud-based software applications such as: CRMs, HRIS, onboarding, payroll, and skills assessment.

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