Sponsoring Your Jobs on Indeed

Learn how to sponsor your jobs on Indeed through your Apploi account

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If you're looking to gain some additional exposure and traffic for your jobs, you can sponsor your jobs on Indeed through Apploi!

Please note the following:

  • Only Super Admins in Apploi can sponsor jobs

  • Your Customer Success Manager will help you with set up to enable Indeed sponsorship the first time

  • You will need to have an Indeed advertiser account set up before sponsoring your jobs. This can also be done through Apploi when trying to sponsor the first job

  • When connecting your Indeed account to Apploi (by following the steps below) you'll need to be logged into Apploi with a user profile that has the same email address as your Indeed Employer account

To set up Indeed sponsorship, find the job that you would like to sponsor and click on the icon under the Promote column:

The "Promote Job" window will appear. Click on the Indeed icon under the "Paid Promotion" section:

You'll then be prompted to connect your Indeed account. Click "Connect":

A new window will appear allowing you to login to your Indeed account. Enter in your login credentials and click "Continue":

After the account has been connected, you can click back on the Indeed icon:

You'll then be prompted to select the length of time and budget for sponsoring. Once that's been chosen, check off the Terms of Service box and click "Create"

The sponsorship module will offer a campaign prediction based on Indeed's own data:

Once the sponsorship has been successfully set up, you can click back on the Indeed icon and you'll be able to view information like the remaining budget and days remaining. You'll also be able to see sponsorship analytics and sponsorship timeline:

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any additional questions!

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