This guide assumes that you have already set-up a Panel and that you now wish to add steps to it. 

See the the guide Adding a New Panel for instructions on how to do this.

General Points

  • You can add a step to any Panel, new or existing

  • You can add as many steps to a Panel as you require

  • You can add as many people as you require to each step

  • All approvers in a preceding step must approve the step before it moves onto the next group of approvers

  • If a step is declined then the entire request is declined and no further requests are sent out

  • Responses cannot be changed for multi-step Panels (Responses can be changed for standard group approvals)

Step by Step Guide

Firstly from the Panel you want to add steps to select the > icon to show the member details.

From the member details screen select 'Add Member'

In the 'Add Approval Step' field enter a name for the step you want to add and click Save.

The step has been added now you need to add members to the step (the step is inactive until it has members added to it)

Click 'Save and add another' or 'Save and Close' and the member is added to the step. 

To add additional members just repeat the above steps. The only difference is you can choose what step to add a new member to via the drop down like below.

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