You will need the following prerequisites:

  1. An Approval Donkey account (sign up for a FREE 30 day trial here

  2. At least one Approval Donkey Panel (approval workflow), see a guide here for details on how to one set-up

  3. A JotForm to add the approval workflow to (

Step 1 – Copy the Panel Email Address

On the basis you have the prerequisites in place, complete the following:

  • Log into Approval Donkey, navigate to the Panel you want to add to the form and copy the Panels Email address

This can be done like any copy function e.g. Select and Ctrl C or right click and ‘copy email address’

Step 2 – Paste the Panel Email address into JotForm

  • If not already, sign into your JotForm account select your form and then 'Edit form'

  • Select the 'Settings' tab and go to the 'Emails' section

  • If you don't have any notifications set-up select the '+' sign and then 'Notification Email' (otherwise select 'Edit') 

  • Go to the 'Recipients' tab and paste the Panel Email address into the 'Recipients Email' field 

  • Select Save and that’s it, all done

Now whenever your form is completed it automatically goes through the Approval Donkey workflow you have just added. Give it a test run now.

Quick tip: Include a field to capture the submitter email address so you can forward status updates to them or set-up a Zap with Zapier to automate it.

See for any other information you may require, or send us an email to 

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