Since column type impacts how AppSheet handles your data, selecting the appropriate column type is important. AppSheet may not have recognized your data as currency either because it doesn't yet recognize "Price" in your language or because you used a spreadsheet column header such as "Tuition". You would like to change your Column Type to "Price" and since AppSheet displays currency in US Dollars, regardless of your selected Data Locale, you would like to select the correct form of currency as well.


  1. Click the Data > Columns tab and select Show for the table you would like to change.

  2.  Locate the column that you would like to change and select "Edit this column definition."

3. Select the Column Type dropdown and change it from "Number" to "Price" if it isn't already selected.

4. Select the CurrencySymbol dropdown and choose your local Currency Symbol. Click Ok.

5. Select Save and your Column Type "Price" and CurrencySymbol selection will be saved.

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