Step One: Create a domain group

1. Login into the Google admin console at
2. Click “Groups”
3. Click “Create Group”
4. Fill in the details for the group

5. Access Type settings do not affect the ability for AppSheet to connect to the group. They can be left at their default values or customized as needed.
6. Add members to the group.

Step Two: Connect AppSheet to the domain group

1. Login to your AppSheet account and navigate to My Account > Integrations > Auth Domains
2. Click “+ Add Auth Domain”
3. Specify a name for this account and click “Google Domain.”

4. You will be prompted to sign in with Google. Sign in with the same account used to create the domain group in the Google Admin console.
5. Navigate back to My Account > Integrations > Auth Domains to confirm the authentication domain was added to the account.

Step Three: Setup Domain Authentication in an App

1. Open an AppSheet app and navigate to Security > Domain Authentication.
2. Toggle “Require domain authentication?” to ON
3. Under “Authentication domain source” select the name of the account added in the step above
4. Select the “Authentication domain” and “Authentication group” that will be used to manage user authentication for this app

Note: "Restrict by domain" field is optional - if set, only members of the groups whose domain matches this field will be permitted to access the app with the specified role. If left empty, all members of the group, regardless of the domain, will be able to access the app with the specified role.

5. Save changes

Notes on Credentials

You may need to configure your Google domain to enable API access. To do so,

1. Log in to the admin account for your Google domain (or G-Suite domain)
2. Select Security. If you do not see Security listed, select More controls and select Security from the options shown in the gray box.
3. Select API reference, and then select the checkbox to Enable API access.
4. Save your changes.

Share the App

Open the app and navigate to Users > Links. Send these links to end-users of the app. When the end-user accesses the app, they will be prompted to login to the Google Domain.

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