The form view allows you to capture information input by app users both online or offline. (Learn more about syncing offline information input here.)

Depending on your needs you can capture signatures, photos, location services, or simple text. Similar to Google forms, new guests to your form will only be able to fill out the new form and will not see entries made by previous users.

AppSheet can be used to distribute forms through a mobile app as well as use a mobile app to view and interact with form responses. This view helps you unlock mobile-specific features for your forms that the web cannot capture such as photo capturing an input into your form directly from your mobile device.

Creating a form view

To create a form view:

  1. Create a view, as described in Creating a view.

  2. Select form as the View type when configuring the view.

Important notes

  • See the sample app.

  • Forms are customizable to suit your individual needs. For example, you can set a the form so that each user sees a fresh form when they open the form page on your application. See Customizing input forms.

  • Your application can include multi-page forms. See Creating multi-page forms.

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