The dashboard view allows you to show multiple other views in one place. Currently Calendars, Maps, Charts, Gallery, Deck, Table, and Detail views can be added to the Dashboard.

If the view content is related or from the same table as data in other views, enabling 'Interactive Mode' allows content to be dynamically updated as different entries are selected.

On a tablet or desktop, the specified dashboard views will be shown in an automatically-sized grid that can be customized by the app user. When the screen size of the device is narrow, usually when the app is opened on a phone or small tablet, you can enable the mobile friendly "Dashboard tabs". To start using this feature, visit the Dashboard View settings and enable "Use Tabs in Mobile View".

In addition to choosing which views to include, you can also specify them to be Large or Small. Large views will be twice the size of small views on the grid. On phones, the Large/Small option is ignored.

Dashboards are one of our favorite features here at AppSheet. You can learn more about why we love working with them by checking out this blog post.

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