Do you want to know how users are interacting with your app? What about information that can help you troubleshoot? The Monitor tab of the editor can help you do so. With more knowledge about how your app performs and how your users interact with it, you can build an app that suits your needs best.

The Monitor tab is part of the Manage tab in the editor, where you can deploy your app, change collaboration settings, keep your app up-to-date by making version customizations.

You can see usage statistics in the Monitor tab of the editor, including the total number of unique users per month and per day. You can learn about each add, edit, and delete your users perform, which can be helpful in troubleshooting any problems your users may have.

You can also check audit history to see recent user activity both by user and by action. Through these metrics, you can use audit history to troubleshoot adds, edits, and deletes. Performance data is also available, creating a performance profile that can help you make your app more efficient.

It's also possible to audit changes by user and you can get an automated email from us each week with a summary of your app's usage.

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