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Column expressions return the value of a specific column in a row. The row itself does not need to be specified; it's usually implicit in the context of the expression.

  • Name any column using square brackets around the exact column name: [ColumnName].

  • When used in a column constraint (Editable_If,  Required_If, Show_If, or Valid_If), you can use [_THIS] to refer to the value of the current column of the current row. See Column Constraints.

  • If the current row is not implicit from the context of the expression, it must be explicitly specified using a Dereference Expression

Common Use Cases

  • In a virtual column: CONCATENATE([FirstName], " ", [LastName])

  • In a slice filter condition: [Status] = "Complete"

  • In a Valid_If column constraint: [_THIS] > 25

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