Quick Edit allows you to mark specific columns to be editable directly from the Detail view. For example, Quick Edit is ideal for updating the "Status" field of a record without editing the full record.

To enable Quick Edit:

  1. Go to the UX > Views pane.

  2. Create a Detail view (previously Slideshow view) for the table or slice you wish to Quick Edit. The table or slice must allow edits.

  3. Expand the newly added view.

  4. Add one or more "Quick edit columns".

  5. Set the view position to "ref" if you do not want to add a button for this new Slideshow view.

Some columns cannot be Quick Edit columns:

  • Key columns.

  • Read-only columns.

  • Columns computed by an AppFormula or sheet formula.

  • System columns like row number.

  • "Change" type columns.

  • Columns with Editable_If expressions that disallow edits.

Other notes about Quick Edit columns:

  • Changes to Quick Edit columns can cause other column values to change through formula dependencies.

  • Valid_If and Required_If conditions will be applied. Changes that violate either the Valid_If or Required_If conditions will be rejected.

  • Each edit is a separate row update, so Quick Edit is best used together with the DelayedSync option. You can set DelayedSync on the Behavior > Offline & Sync pane.

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