Dates, Times, and DateTimes in Spreadsheets

Date, Time, and DateTime formats vary widely across locales. It is important that your worksheet specifies the correct locale and that all your worksheet data cells are formatted correctly, as described here.

Many spreadsheets use automatic mechanisms to add a timestamp in the first column. A timestamp is generally a poor choice for a key: though it uniquely identifies the row, the timestamp isn't really meaningful to the rest of the app. So if the timestamp is chosen as your key, you may need to change that explicitly.

Dates Times, and DateTimes in Apps

Dates, Times, and DateTimes are displayed in AppSheet apps based on:

  1. Your mobile device's locale when running your app on a mobile device.

  2. Your browser's language setting when running your app in a browser.

If you are seeing the wrong Date, Time, or DateTime format on your mobile device or browser, make sure your mobile device's locale or your browser's language setting is correct.

Change your language on Android:

Change your language on iPhone / iPad:

Change your language on Chrome:

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