Learning about the customers who are the most loyal to your store and are purchasing on a recurring basis is important to your brand value, growth, and scaling. Often times, merchants analyse the profile and persona of their loyal customers to either target them with more suitable products and services, or to reach out to new customers who are similar to their loyal customers!

We hope this help doc that we have put together on tracking your customers’ subscriptions to not just be on top of your current recurring orders, but to also use it to know the pulse of your loyal customers will be useful to you.

Tracking customers' subscriptions

Step 1: To keep track of your customers' subscription details, you can log in to your Merchant admin page for Appstle Subscriptions on Shopify.

Step 2: Navigate to the Customers section on the left hand panel, as shown in the below screenshot.

Here you can view the list of customers who currently have, or had a subscription for any product at your store.

Step 3: To learn in detail about the subscriptions taken by specific customers, click on the customer’s name. The detailed view gives data on the products subscribed, order frequency, status (active/paused/cancelled), etc.

If you have any questions about your customers' subscription, or if you need any other help, please reach out to us at subscription-support@appstle.com or just pin us through the live chat widget on our app. Our 24x7x365 available experts will be happy to assist you further.

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