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Appstle Subscriptions overview
Appstle Subscriptions overview
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Appstle Subscriptions, the hottest new product from the team that made BACK-IN-STOCK, is a dynamic eCommerce tool that provides you with the ability to offer your store's products to your customers on a recurring basis. This can be set-up as a standard subscription, build-a-box, or a convertible subscription, based on what suits your store and customers best.

Appstle Subscriptions is rich in compelling features such as mixed cart checkout, auto-billing, personalized notifications, dunning management to reduce churn, and real-time analytics to continuously scale, that make us the trusted partner of merchants Worldwide.

Code Installation

Appstle Subscriptions requires liquid code to be inserted to your Shopify theme, for it to work properly. This ensures that the widget appears on the product pages, and that your orders go through the correct recurring orders through Shopify checkout.

Every Shopify store theme is different, and as such, this means that if you plan on using multiple themes, or switch themes, the code will have to be installed again. This code installation will benefit each of your themes by ensuring that Appstle's subscription app continues to run properly.


Appstle Subscriptions is packed with features that will help with your store's success. Some of our most significant features are:

  • Quick and easy subscription setup

  • Multiple subscription intervals

  • Self-managed subscription options

  • Personalized email notifications

  • Seamless connect with Shopify checkout

  • Auto-billing for subscription products

  • Dunning management to reduce churn

  • Real-time product performance tracker

The Appstle team is also coming up with new features on a regular basis. Some of the newest features are:

  • Subscription start date change

  • Subscribed product swap

  • Subscription end period

  • Custom email template

Custom Subscription Boxes

With Appstle, you - the merchant - can set up your subscriptions exactly the way you want for your subscribers. This could be a) standard subscription, or b) convertible subscriptions that switch items after the first order.

Total Customer Control

Enable your customers to completely manage their own orders by editing, pausing, or skipping their subscriptions. In addition, the features in the customer portal allow your customers to change their payment methods, update their delivery dates (incl. the subscription start date) for their orders.

Built-in Discounts

Some merchants offer discounts on subscriptions to increase conversion. This includes the ability to 'Subscribe & Save', and create discount codes for your recurring orders.

Email Notifications

With Appstle, your store has the ability to create automatic emails that will be sent to your customers when any changes occur to their subscriptions. This includes confirmations of updates or changes, refund notifications, and much more!

Robust Analytics

Appstle provides real-time analytics and reporting to track the performance of your products and subscription plans. This includes the ability to see future orders, track products, and review the revenue your current and future subscription orders are generating. Exponentially scale with a high ROI using our built-in analytics.

Top-rated 24/7/365 support

Access our exceptional customer support for installation or any other questions you may have, 24/7/365. And when we say 24/7/365 support, we mean it!

Just reach out to us at, or ping us through the chat widget.

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