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Dunning management in Appstle Subscriptions
Dunning management in Appstle Subscriptions
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Your customers are busy. Often times, they can overlook the expiration of a credit or debit card, or have insufficient balance or spending limit, which can result in failed transactions. This is what is known as an involuntary churn, as the customer in this case, loves your product(s), and wants to continue their subscriptions, but the transaction fails due to technical reasons.

With the Dunning management provided by Appstle Subscriptions, you can significantly reduce these involuntary churns using some easy, pre-set mechanisms!

Dunning Management by Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle Subscriptions provides you a set of sophisticated, yet easy to set dunning management features that you can use to automatically connect with your customers who have had failed transactions.

While Appstle provides you with default settings (notification timelines, number of retries of the card, etc.), to manage failed transactions, you - the merchant - have absolute control over these settings and can customize them to suit your business and customers.

Email notification

Whenever a recurring transaction fails due to any reason, Appstle facilitates a customized email notification to the customer, informing them of the incomplete transaction. As the merchant, you have to OPT-IN to send this automatic email notification. You can also edit the contents of the email both to CUSTOMIZE IT to your store and PERSONALIZE IT to use it as an opportunity to engage with your customers.

To enable this function, go to Settings > Email Settings > Email Templates and select the Transaction Failed template.

Once the email template opens, you can modify it to best suit your store.

Within this email, your customers will also be guided to update their payment details in the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ area of the customer portal. On successful update of the payment details, the order will be processed the following day.

Dunning management settings

To create or change your dunning management settings with Appstle Subscriptions, please follow the below steps:

With the Dunning Management feature of Appstle Subscriptions, you can have complete control over:

  • The number of retry attempts (between 1-10) in case of a failed transaction.

  • The days (between 1-10) in between each retry attempt.

  • The behavior applied to a contract once all re-billing attempts have been exhausted (i.e. cancellation, pause or skip).

If you have any questions about dunning management, or if you need any other help, please reach out to us at or just pin us through the live chat widget on our app. Our 24x7x365 available experts will be happy to assist you further.

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